7 Eco-Friendly Swaps you can make today

Changing habits to become more eco-friendly can be hard at first and can take a decent amount of effort! Whether you get your eco-friendly goodies from Finding Eco or anywhere else, these are a few relatively easy eco-friendly hacks that you can adopt today that will make a noticeable difference in your garbage can and the waste stream! Don't get overwhelmed, baby steps are still steps!
Okay, here we go!
  1. Replace sponges and dish scrubbers with wood brushes

Sponges and traditional dish brushes can stay in our oceans and landfills for hundreds of years! Wooden dish brushes and scrubbers work just as well but will compost at the end of their life! Here’s what we recommend for an extra stiff brush and semi-stiff brush.

  1. Ditch the paper towels
Old rags, swedish dishcloths, unpaper towels, cut up t-shirts, whatever else you have around your house can be used as great alternatives to paper towels! Make sure you have plenty of towels handy in your kitchen and put your paper towels somewhere inconvenient. See how much quicker you’ll reach for those reusable!
  1. Wool dryer balls- do they work?
Wool dryer balls work! I get asked that question so often. Dryer balls are the eco-friendly alternative to toxic dryer sheets. They can decrease drying time, reduce static, and can be used for up to 5 years! Check out our last blog  to see a little more about how they work.
  1. Compostable Toothbrushes
Toothbrushes can last in our oceans for hundreds of years, get eaten by marine creatures, and wash up on beaches! Yuck. Bamboo toothbrushes have handles that are completely biodegradable. They last as long as normal toothbrushes but when you are done, just break or pull off the bristles, throw those in the trash, and compost the handle. Not quite a perfect solution yet, but still reduces the plastic use drastically!
  1. Replace soap containers with bars or refillable soap
Bar soap is making a comeback. Make your own, buy online, or grab at a locals farmer’s market! can also check local markets to see if they have refillable soap where you can bring your own containers. Easy and plastic free!
  1. Beeswax wraps > plastic wrap
Beeswax wraps work extremely well as plastic wrap alternatives. Made of organic cotton, beeswax, pine resin, and jojoba oil, they are a non-toxic alternative. Wrap cheeses, bowls, fruit, and more just like you would with plastic wrap.
     1.  BYOB (Bring your own bag!)
Reusable shopping totes have become an everyday grocery store sight. Go one step further and bring your own reusable produce bags! Fill up your broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, or whatever else you want! After you eat the yummy produce, go ahead and just toss the bags in the wash. Easy peezy.
Thanks for reading! Got any other easy eco tips I’m missing? Feel free to DM us on Instagram @finding_eco or send us an email at hello@findingeco.com.