Is Bamboo Sustainable? Here are 5 Facts to Support Yes.

Bamboo is an amazing resource. It is making it's way into low waste kitchens, bathrooms, and homes, and rightfully so. 


Here are 5 facts about bamboo that may surprise you. 
1. Some types of Bamboo can grow up to 1.5inches an hour! That's 35 inches everyday. Bamboo is actually a grass, and the most efficient grass at growing vertically. Neat stuff. 


2. Bamboo is a renewable resource. Based on how fast it grows alone, you can see why it is relatively easy to renew. 



3. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than the average hardwood tree. 


4. It is naturally anti-bacterial. This is a plus considering how many kitchen and bathroom products are being made with it. 

5. It is stronger than steel! It can be harder to pull apart and harder to smash. Pretty cool huh?


Overall bamboo is a pretty amazing plant. It has so many uses and new ones are being found every day as options to replace normal plastic goods. 

Now I can't claim that every product made with bamboo or every process of production is sustainable. But the plant holds so many possibilities for us and the elimination of single-use plastics. 


So next time you have the choice between a plastic cutting board or a bamboo one, a plastic toothbrush or a bamboo one, or any other choices, choose the bamboo one! It looks better, can last longer, and is more sustainable.