Do Dryer Balls work?

Dryer balls were one of my first (and favorite) switches to eco-friendly alternatives! And Yes, They Work!

At my house, laundry seems to be an everyday kind of thing. So we would go through a crazy amount of dryer sheets every week. It felt wasteful!

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average American household will do about 400 loads of laundry a year! Assuming you use a new dryer sheet in every load, that's 400 toxic dryer sheets going into your home and then into landfills every year!  

Dryer sheets can leach chemicals onto your clothes, and thus into the water that gets cycled out after you dry them! Yuck. Not to mention the chemicals used to coat your cloths for that classic dryer sheet smell, can be harmful to your skin. 

Dryer balls are the perfect alternative! Made with 100% wool, these dryer balls are locally made and will last 1000 loads or roughly 3-5 years. 

Just place all 3 dryer balls into your dryer and they will happily tumble along with your clothes. In the process they will reduce dry time, reduce wrinkles, and prevent chemicals from getting onto our clothing.

They can live in your dryer in between uses and if you want a light scent, add a few drops of essential oils to a ball every few loads! 

My dog bear loves to chew on them as well (though he does love to chew on practically everything). They are completely pet friendly and after 3-5 years when it is time to get new ones, they are completely compostable!

If you can't tell yet, I LOVE talking about dryer balls. They are always one of the first products I tell new eco-friendly finders about, as they are one of easiest switches to make and one of the most visible differences you can see in your trash and your shopping cart. Not to mention, dryer balls can also save you up to $50 a year in dryer sheet costs. 

Want more information?? Look at the product description for dryer balls here or feel free to email me at kelsey@findingeco.com!