Tare Weight Bags | Set of 2
Tare Weight Bags | Set of 2

Tare Weight Bags | Set of 2

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100% unbleached cotton bags with tare weight labels. The woven design makes it perfect for even fine grains to be carried. This is the perfect solution for purchasing bulk goods or bread from bakeries. The tare weight label makes it very easy to subtract the weight of bag from total purchase. 

Set of 2 comes with: one 6"x9" bag (volume approximately 5.5 cups) and one 8"x11.5" (volume approximately 11 cups).

Washing Instructions:
- Turn inside out
- Machine wash delicate, cold
- Hand wash, cold water
- Hand or spread flat to dry
- Do not Iron

 To learn more about plastic bags, visit: https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/programs/population_and_sustainability/sustainability/plastic_bag_facts.html