Silicone Food Pouches
Silicone Food Pouches
Silicone Food Pouches

Silicone Food Pouches

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Say goodbye to those single use zip-Lock bags!

These reusable silicone bags make it so easy to ditch those single use bags for something infinitely better!

Made of food grade silicone, Finding Eco silicone bags are endlessly reusable and perfect for everything from veggies to trail mix to quinoa. 

Everything you need to know about these silicone bags:

  • Pack of 2 includes 1 Large bag with green slider (8.3" x 11" 1" / 1500ml) & 1 Medium bag with blue slider (7.1" x 9.3" x 1" / 1000ml)
  • Pack of 4 includes 2 Large bags with green sliders (8.3" x 11" 1" / 1500ml) & 2 Medium bags with blue sliders (7.1" x 9.3" x 1" / 1000ml)
  • Completely dishwasher safe or rinse with soap and water. To avoid risk of breaking, we recommend hand washing the plastic slider
  • Microwave safe - remove slider prior- and keep bag upright
  • 100% airtight and and leak proof making them perfect for liquids or for freezing items
  • Bags are made with food-grade silicone with FDA and European food-grade standards. 
  • Silicone is derived from sand, therefore is not a plastic. Yes the slider is plastic, its not perfect but think of how many plastic baggies you wont need anymore!
  • Silicone can be recycled in some areas, check with your local recycling provider for more information.

To Close the Bag: 

To close the bag, pinch together the opening of the bag at the seam and push the slider along the seam towards the whale.

Don't be discouraged if the first few times you attempt to close the bag it is a little tricky! The bag will become easier to close after a few uses. If you are a little impatient (like me) try putting a little olive oil along the seam of the bag before closing! You should not have to do this every time, but it does help the bag seal a bit easier. 

For more information regarding the assorted packs of reusable silicone bags, feel free to send us a message through our contact page and we will be happy to help answer any questions!