Dish Brush | Natural

Dish Brush | Natural

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Wood Dish Brush and Replacement heads

An excellent eco-friendly replacement for your plastic dish scrubbers! This aesthetically pleasing brush is handcrafted from untreated beechwood and Tampico fiber.

The all-natural Tampico fiber is heat resistant, durableretains its shape well and is excellent at effectively scrubbing your pots, pans and dishes with ease. The hard bristles are a great substitute for elbow grease.  Redecker has been handcrafting quality brushes in Germany for over 80 years. 

Replacement brushes can be attached to the dish brush handle. You will only need to purchase the dish brush handle one time! The replaceable head measures 1.6” in diameter.

To care for your brush: rinse in lukewarm water, shake dry and let stand with bristles facing down to assist in drying out. Excessive moisture can cause damage to the wooden head. 

Brush measures roughly 9.5" in length including brush head