What is Finding Eco?

Here at Finding Eco, we are doing our best to live and encourage a minimal waste lifestyle. This includes trying our best to minimize our own waste production in our daily lives, but also running this store, an avenue to share with like-minded people the products we use to minimize our waste!

Are you completely plastic and/or waste free?

At this point in time, the simple answer is no. Finding Eco is a very minimal waste company, however, we are still in the process of finding ways of working with ourselves and our vendors to be as waste free as possible. 

But if you're not waste free, how do you expect your customers to be?

We don't!!!!! Here at Finding Eco, we don't expect everyone to be perfect. Expecting anyone to completely reevaluate all aspects of their life to eliminate their waste is unrealistic for most. We instead want to encourage individuals to use their purchasing power to help aid in waste reduction. Whether their purchases are with us or another company, we encourage trying our individual best to help solve the waste problem!

How do you ship?

We try to reuse as much as possible in our shipping. Therefore, you will likely receive your products using a reused box! We collect boxes from our product shipment, friends, neighbors, and anywhere else we can get them really! We dispose of any plastic originally on the box, and then use new compostable tape for packing. Any packaging on the inside of the box is either reused from previous shipments, or new but recyclable, or both!

Do you ship out of the United States?

Not yet. 

Do you do returns?

The simple answer is yes. If something gets damaged in shipping, or you are really, truly unhappy with what you ordered, we will accept a return though customer is responsible for return shipping. However, we want to encourage whenever possible making the product work and not returning it! Shipping has miles and material associated with it and we encourage trying to not waste this lightly. Though at the end of the day we want our customers to be nothing less than happy.